Second edition almost ready! March 28, 2021

My last post on this blog was October 2019.  It announced the publication of the fourth edition of S&T, with the updated title, Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research and Practice, as well as my plan to produce a second edition of Radical Behaviorism for ABA Practitioners.  The latter promise was an excuse for discontinuing, at least for the time being, my more frequent posts concerning conceptual issues.

This literary interregnum has not been wasted.  I am delighted to announce that the second edition of the radical behaviorism text is now in production and should be available in a couple of months or so.  It will come with a revised title, Talking About Behavior, stolen from the blog URL, but the first edition title will remain as a subtitle.  Although the new edition involves the same general organization and length, there are many significant edits and improvements throughout.  

One of these enhancements is the inclusion of a list of supplementary website readings at the end of each chapter pertinent to chapter content.  These readings reference newly edited versions of the more than 50 posts on this blog since 2014.  The website will accordingly be revised to serve as an accompaniment to the text.  It will include the book’s table of contents, a list of the text boxes distributed throughout the chapters, and a list of the supplementary website readings keyed to each chapter.  Clicking on the title of any reading will take you to its full text.  

These supplementary website readings will offer instructors and students opportunities to pursue aspects of each chapter that summarize chapter material, amplify certain points in chapter content, or introduce new topics related to chapter issues. The focus and style of the readings are sometimes more advanced than chapter material.  I may occasionally contribute additional readings.

My objective for the first edition of this book was to provide an engaging introduction to the philosophical foundation of the field of behavior analysis to ABA students and practitioners based on my years of teaching this material.  This second edition refines my initial effort and with the website readings offers considerable additional material.  Enjoy the journey!


Second edition almost ready!

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Jim Johnston

Dr. Johnston received his doctorate from the University of Florida in 1970 and held faculty positions at Georgia State University, the University of Florida, and Auburn University. He has published both laboratory and field research with both human and non-human species on a variety of topics. He has longstanding interests in the area of developmental disabilities and founded the Master’s Program in Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities at Auburn University. He has served as editor of The Behavior Analyst and on the editorial boards of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, among others. He has served as president of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, as well as for the Florida, Alabama, and Southeastern behavior analysis organizations, and was the first president of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts.

Second edition almost ready! March 28, 2021