Supplementary Website Readings

The following Supplementary Website Readings were originally posted on this website as a blog and have been edited for use as supplementary readings associated with book chapters. The topics summarize chapter material, amplify certain points in chapter content, or introduce new topics related to chapter issues. The focus and style of the readings are sometimes more advanced than chapter material.

7. Behavioral Responsibility

7.1 What are your intentions?
7.2 Can you be responsible for your behavior? Should you be?

8. Ethics, Rights, and Values – Without the Heat

8.1 The value of values
8.2 Behavior analysis and religion: Are you asking the right question?

9. A social Life

9.1 Universal contingencies and the essential human

10. Radical Behaviorism

10.1 The lesson of King Sisyphus
10.2 As if
10.3 42
10.4 Form, function, and operational definitions
10.5 How would they have learned that?


M1 Afterward
M2 How well do you understand operant learning?
M3 Labeling behavior
M4 Rules are for amateurs
M5 Can professionalism go too far?
M6 An essential curiosity
M7 Ten things all students of behavior analysis need to know
M8 Salience and difficulty
M9 A strange thought experiment
M10 Qualia
M11 Can you unlearn a behavior?
M12 The Border Collie and the behavior analyst
M13 Research methods as a way of talking about behavior